• David Cameron: Calling Brexit referendum was inevitable

    Former British prime minister David Cameron has suggested that Britain made a mistake in leaving the European Union, but insisted calling a referendum was the right thing to do.

    Mr Cameron indicated the UK should now look to the future and be “good neighbours” after being “unhappy tenants” within the EU.

    Read more via The National here.

  • In the pessimistic West, an aura of negativity feeds into a growing political divide

    We live in a world that seems angrier, more cynical, more divided. That’s the story we’ve been increasingly told in recent years, especially since the twin upsets of Brexit and Donald Trump winning the US presidential election in 2016. But it’s not the whole truth. What’s largely happened is that Western commentators have taken a western experience and held it up as the global norm.

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  • Forward-thinking festival of thought in Abu Dhabi

    Just where else in the world would you find a digital music pioneer, a virtual-reality virtuoso, a cutting-edge technology boss and a record-smashing astronaut all under the same roof – on the same weekend?

    Read more via TimeOut Abu Dhabi here.

  • The UAE is a global forum for writers, thinkers and artists

    Culture connoisseurs will be spoilt for choice this weekend. Tomorrow marks the start of the 10th annual Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the Middle East’s largest celebration of the written and spoken word. From its humble beginnings as an embryonic festival in 2009, it has become a cornerstone of the UAE’s cultural landscape and become an unmissable stop on the global circuit for authors, philosophers and poets.

    Read more via The National here.

  • Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy in town for Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend

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  • The UAE will have significance in China’s Road drive

    The Belt and Road Initiative marks a new stage in China’s rise. Launched in 2013, it built on China’s going out strategy which took shape around the turn of the century. If the lines of continuity are clear, the differences are even starker.

    Read more via Gulf News here.

  • Amazing ideas come to the fore at this fest

    In 1997, tech company Apple was at a low ebb. To boost struggling sales, the brand launched a landmark new campaign that shot it into a new era.

    Composed of just two words – ‘think different’ – the campaign was simple but entreated those who saw it to see the brand, and potentially life in general, in a new way.

    It’s this ethos that’s behind the returning public festival at the Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend, taking place on 2nd and 3rd March.

    Read more via AbuDhabi World here.

  • Taking place on NYU’s walkways, it’s billed as a street festival and is aimed at families.

    “Back for a second year, the Ideas Weekend will feature workshops examining the challenges currently facing the world, and will look at what some of the planet’s greatest minds are doing to solve them.”

    Read more via What's On here.

  • Nicolas Sarkozy to speak at the Ideas Weekend

    The former President of the French Republic will speak at the Forum of the Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend

    Read more via The National here.

  • New York University Abu Dhabi

    The Ideas Abu Dhabi is being held at NYUAD, the first comprehensive liberal arts and science campus in the Middle East to be operated abroad by a major American research university. Find out more about this diverse and vital centre of distinctive education by visiting the NYUAD website.

    Read more via New York University Abu Dhabi here.

  • Two-day family event will feature interactive workshops, talks, food stalls and live music

    “To add some music and fun, Miami Band, Sal Houdini and Saudi Arabian magician Badr Hazza will be there.”

    Read more via Friday Magazine here.

  • LEK report

    To find out more about the previous year’s Forum read the 2018 and 2017 report from LEK and McKinsey & Company.

  • Talk of the Town

    As featured on the AbuDhabi World magazine cover.

    Click here for more.

  • Bright Ideas

    “As the Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend returns to the capital, we take a look at how the event’s festival is creating a homegrown culture for innovation.”

    Read more via AbuDhabi World here.

  • Amazing ideas come to the fore at this fest

    “If learning something new from the experts in their field is one aspect of the event, the spirit of it should by no means end when the event closes.”

    Read more via AbuDhabi World here.

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